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We were both a little leery as we are not great sailors, but the day could not have been better! Bob was an excellent guide and we enjoyed his company as well as admiring his skill. He made a couple of great saves and we came home with 3 terrific springs and 3 pinks - enough to keep us going for awhile! We are now converts and will look forward to our next opportunity to get out on the water :-)

Al and Jeannie

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15lb and 19lb Springs. Excellent 1st class skipper. 100% best day ever!

Martin & Rita - England

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Our second year and even better than we expected! 16 Pinks and 9 Springs (12 to 32lbs). We had an incredible time. Bob and Ron are the best guides on the water. Thanks to Erin and Maureen too. We'll be back next year...Thanks 2 Reel!

Norm, Trevor & Ryan - Vancouver, BC

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Calm and sunny...a perfect day! Played 13 Springs and 16 Pinks. We brought 4 nice Springs into the boat (8, 15, 17, 20lbs) along with 8 Pinks. An amazing day. The best ever!

Glenn & Shelley - Lloydminster, AB

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Had a great time fishing with you Ron. This was a great father/son trip that we'll always remember. See ya on the next trip in the Spring.

Terry & Chase

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Caught 14 Pinks and 1 Spring. Lost 2 good size Springs. Awesome day! Kids had a blast. We also got 2 good crabs and we saw whales and seals. Doesn't get any better.

Brad, Nancy, Chase & Chad

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Out smacking some huge awesome salmon. Brought in 30+ lb Spring and a 17lb Spring along with 9 Pinks and 1 Coho. One awesome day out at O'Brien and Trap Shack. Caught a killer tan on the calm water (bit of fog). Was the best day of our 2 week vacation. Ron is one outstanding guide. 2 Reel had everything and more than what we expected. Thanks a billion!

Jessy & Derek

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